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WebCare is a Division of Viotran Limited

Enabling dependents to live in their  home is both caring and cost effective.

WebCare lets you become completely involved in your loved one’s home care.

WebCare lets you “pop in” any time and from anywhere.

WebCare lets you see what’s going on.

WebCare lets you team up with the care workers.

WebCare lets you care whilst still leading your own life.

Using the Internet to take an active role in the home care of loved ones

Home care workers do excellent work caring for the elderly living in their own home but things can sometimes go wrong. A simple slip-up with organisation can result in  an episode of unintended distress and discomfort.

WebCare lets family carers see, hear and speak to their loved ones from anywhere, at anytime and so stave off an impending problem by contacting the care workers in time. Family carers can form a team with the home care workers to better care for their loved one.

WebCare enables family carers to continue leading their own lives whist still caring for their loved ones.